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Starring the Cars – Modified Movie Motor Classics

If you like cars, you’ll hopefully love this.

Tool Olders decided to make the motor cars of our favourite classic movies a bit more factually accurate.

They matched the film release year with a car that came out the same year; by having a little play with the cars they’ve altered them so they appear how they’d of looked if used in that film.

Even though I own 4 pony fursuits, I only modified them and never built one from scratch.  Until now.  I’m currently in the process of learning how to construct my first pony fursuit with plans to remake the four that I have.  

Echo the Bat Pony is my test run.  She is far by my most favorite OC.  Why not make her into a fursuit?  I’m a plush maker, so I’m taking my skills and drafting them into a costume.  Just finished up the head.  She will be made of all Minky material - incredibly soft to the touch.  My goal is to get her done hopefully by the end of the year!

If you are on Facebook and want to track progress of the build - please check out my cosplay page - Paradox Cosplay!

If you are interested in making a pony fursuit or happen to have one, check out the MLP Fursuit / Mascot Facebook Group!


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